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Business Development Manager

7 months ago


  • Develop Business Development strategies to improve market share in all product/service lines that serves for travelling activities, target local market or other assigned market.
  • Manages assigned geographic BD areas or product lines to maximize sales revenues and meet corporate objectives.
  • Deliver excellent supplies sources in both quality and quantity in order to strengthen company competition on the market
  • Establishes and manages effective programs to compensate, coach, appraise and train sales personnel.


  • Build and manage enough personnel as plan in order to reach BD target
  • Formulates and keep improving sales policies and procedures to make sure top down and smooth internal and external sale management
  • Accurately forecasts annual, quarterly and monthly, yearly BD target and revenue streams
  • Develops specific action plans to ensure revenue growth in all company’s products/service.
  • Provides quarterly results assessments of BD staff’s productivity
  • Coordinates proper company resources to ensure efficient and stable sales results
  • Assists BD personnel in establishing personal contact and rapport with top echelon decision-makers
  • Interprets short- and long-term effects on BD strategies in operating profit and market competition
  • Educates BD team by establishing programs/seminars in the areas of new account BD and growth, BD of emerging products and multi-product sales, profitability, improved presentation strategies, competitive strategies, proper use and level of sales support, management of expenses and business/financial issues on contracts
  • Develop training material system and collaborate with training Dept. to ensure high quality of training for internal BD training
  • Collaborates with Marketing Dept., Financial Dept. to establish and control budgets for BD Dept.’s sales activities
  • Work with Financial Dept. to evaluate and improve KPI of all sale staff, sale teams in order to deliver sale targets
  • Have monthly, quarterly, yearly reports related to BD performance, BD plan, bd target and financial

Name: Hoàng Sơn

Phone: 0902 875 390



Salary 2000
Position Business Development Manager
Type Full time
Amount 2
Gender -
Age 28,37