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Advanced Front End Development


IT - Hardware/Networking

Job Description

  • Responsible for the development and maintenance of the company's application computer;
  • Responsible for the development, maintenance and optimization of the company's other projects on the Web;
  • Responsible for the construction of front-end framework, development and maintenance of public components.

Job Requirement

  • Benchmarking products (with experience in IM development)
  • International IM software, such as Facebook, whatsapp, Telegram, Twitter, YouTube, SKYPE, LinkedIn etc.
  • Regional IM software, such as zalo, line, etc.
  • Age requirements: under 40 years old
  • Working language: English
  • Understand CSS layout specifications, document flow, box model and other general knowledge
  • Proficient in JavaScript and have a good understanding of the ECMAScript specification
  • Have Vue development experience, familiar with Webpack and other construction tools and their principles, have tuning experience, and have a strong interest in front-end tool development.
  • Proficient in Electron, Node.js and other desktop development technologies
  • Familiar with HTTP, TCP network communication protocols, WebSocket, WebRTC development experience is preferred 
  • Windows, Mac application development experience is preferred
  • Experience in Windows and Mac application development is preferred



Location: Pasay, Philippines (1 month remote, remote salary paid when you work in the Philippines)

Nationality: No restrictions


Address: Tòa nhà CareerToday

Số 1196 Đường 3/2, P. 8, Q. 11, Tp. HCM

Hotline: 0906 900 719



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