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Industrial/Consumer Manufacturing

Job Description

I. Total compensation policy

• Building salary structure => salary grade (according to job value valuation method) => salary scale => Regulations on salary payment for the Group

• Develop strategies for rewards, benefits, working environment, and career development

• Planning & controlling, measuring budget/labor costs, salary budget

• Communicate human resource policies and handle labor relations

• Control the development of annual training programs on: Legal training; Training to perfect skills; Professional training; Training to develop system skills

• Develop evaluation methods and criteria to complete Company-level goals down to units, departments, divisions (BSC method, KRI/KPI...)

• Develop a labor performance evaluation policy and conduct periodic reviews and assessments

II. Corporate culture

• Communicate the system of principles (Mission, Core Values, Vision) of the Company/Factory through internal documents (MTCV, KPI), regular meetings, performance evaluations, programs entertainment program....

• Participate in building the Group's strategic system: Vision, Mission; Core values of the enterprise

• Control internal communication planning to convey corporate culture based on Core Values

III. Financial management - legality

• Control the general administrative management of the Office and the system

• Ensure the Unit's legal records are consistent with the Law

• Focal point for receiving and handling internal and external diplomatic relationships of the Company on Laws related to the Administrative - Human Resources work of the Unit

IV. Legal responsibility

• Manage and operate all human resources and administrative functions in the corporation

• Manage, assign and support employees at work

• Assign and perform general management tasks of the Division according to the employees of the Division

• Perform other related tasks as requested by the Board of Directors

Job Requirement

• Graduated from University or higher majoring in Human Resource Management or related fields

• Be a person with at least 3 years of experience in a similar position or 5 years in the position of Deputy Director of Human Resources in enterprises following the model of Corporations and Factories, Subsidiaries, with a staff size of >300 people

 English is preferred

• Build a capacity framework; evaluating, recruiting, and training personnel; Build a KPI system according to the BSC model; Build and operate salary and bonus policies; Labor law and other laws related to professional work

• Someone with experience recruiting key human resources positions

• A person with experience in implementing short- and long-term Human Resources strategies and plans (Human Resources strategies, Training plans, Policies - Regulations in enterprises).



Location: Hà Nội


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