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Industrial/Consumer Manufacturing

Job Description

I. Summary of work

• Build and develop the Company's development strategy and financial management.

• Develop and promulgate financial standard processes and policies, and be responsible for managing and supervising implementation.

• Develop, improve and effectively manage the Company's finances and financial operations.

• Effective financial management and development of block resources.

• Risk management.

• Operational execution and reporting (reporting).

II. Main responsibility

1. Build and develop the Company's development and financial management strategy.

- Participate in building, leading, and coordinating medium and long-term strategies, including planning activities and action plans.

- Develop and be responsible for implementing the development, control and appraisal of operating plans according to the annual plan.

- Implement company-wide consolidation and propose strategic implementation roadmaps for each stage.

- Search, research and propose effective financial investment portfolios to optimize capital in the short / medium / long term.

- Responsible for supporting the Board of Directors in meeting the Company's strategic goals.

- Propose measures to improve operational efficiency and ensure the Company's financial management to ensure the image and position of the listed company.

- Learn & research the financial market situation and propose solutions to improve competitiveness in the same industry and multi-industry domestically and regionally.

2. Develop and promulgate financial standard processes and policies, and at the same time be responsible for managing and supervising implementation.

- Build, control and develop the Company's reporting system to ensure accuracy, completeness and support the Board of Directors & CEO in making decisions.

- Build, control and be responsible for administering appropriate financial policies, processes and standards for the Company (analyze, identify, criticize and provide solutions to manage indicators of business).

- Coordinate the implementation of the annual operating & business plan approved by the General Meeting of Shareholders and the Board of Directors.

- Responsible for implementing periodic budget plans, reporting & monitoring operating results and improving operating costs.

- Responsible for verifying all financial reports and ensuring that all transactions are accurate and comply with legal regulations in a timely manner.

- Review the financial and accounting systems of member companies and advise the Board of Directors and the Board of General Directors in the fields of finance, financial investment, accounting and financial and accounting operations; internal control.

3. Develop, improve and effectively manage the Company's finances and financial operations

(A) Accounting work of the entire Company

- Take responsibility and ensure compliance with the Company's financial and accounting standards and legal regulations

- Responsible for properly disclosing financial statements and complying with the reporting standards of listed companies.

- Responsible for controlling and ensuring financial reporting is transparent and on time for closing books according to regulations.

- Responsible for monitoring and ensuring the provision of Accounting and Shared Services (CCS) services correctly and sufficiently and reporting operations on time as prescribed.

- Organize and control recording activities according to issued accounting policies

(B) Financial management and planning work.

- Evaluate the financial performance of each member company, propose measures to improve financial performance.

- Establish strategies and implement short-term and long-term financial targets, Forecasting capital situation and capital market.

- Develop annual financial and business targets of the Company and each member company.

- Prepare and evaluate financial reports according to the provisions of law and the Charter of each member company. Direct accounting and financial reporting, including consolidated reports of member companies and branches.

- Analyze and participate in evaluating the feasibility of investment projects.

- Plan the financial strategy of each member company, equitization strategy with the participation of shareholders and external financial investors.

- Ensure financial targets, manage and control the overall industry plan, including potential cost savings.

- Implement tax control and optimize tax operations

- Administration and control of Financial system and Master data.

- Implement short/medium/long-term industry strategies (including M&A activities calling for capital/increasing capital).

(C) Capital management

- Responsible for Liquidity forecasting, Credit Management and Credit Relationships.

- Responsible for administration, resource structure, management and exploitation of capital sources.

- Building credit relationships with banks and credit institutions at home and abroad in accordance with the resource structure development strategy.

- Responsible for planning and implementing loan activities to mobilize medium-term, long-term, short-term capital and cash flow to ensure the company's liquidity and capital for production and business activities and projects. operations and investment.

- Check and analyze financial indicators, evaluate the financial health and efficiency of capital use throughout the Company, evaluate financial data to meet the profitability goals of member companies.

4. Effective management of operations and resource development

- Maintain supply coordination and optimize costs during growth.

- Control purchasing and logistics costs within the approved budget.

- Manage supply operations and optimize Division/Company assets for supply activities.

- Build, manage and improve KPI standards

- Advise, propose and criticize the supply strategies of the Board of Directors and the Board of Trade.

- Grasp the market situation and propose solutions to improve competitiveness

- Coordinate with Human Resources and related units for training and resource

development for the Division

5. Risk management

- Develop and deploy solutions to protect and forecast legal risks for the Division

- Manage & Coordinate with functional units to develop risk control processes in block operations.

- Implement processes and ensure implementation quality.

- Control and minimize block risks and inter-departmental risks.

- Build & Control risk management categories/criteria (Guideline Risk Management) of the Division.

6. Implement reporting (reporting)

- Periodically report to the Board of Directors & CEO/BOM according to each stage's assignment.

- Report and recommend plans to improve capacity and optimize operations as required.

- Analytical reports, products and services, and Division operational issues as required.

- Representing the company to negotiate and execute contracts according to


Job Requirement

1. Knowledge & experience:

- University graduate majoring in: economics, finance and accounting, banking and finance, business administration or investment.

- At least 10 years of experience in Consumer Goods and Manufacturing companies, of which 5 years in a similar management position.

- At least 3 years of experience in a similar position for a listed company.

- Experience in implementing and building company management software (ERP - SAP or ORACLE) is an advantage.

- Experience in companies with over 700 employees.

- Experience in building strategies for operating structure, capital, capital sources, auditing, and risk control.

- Experience in implementing mergers and acquisitions deals.

- Have at least 5 years of experience in implementing, building, criticizing, protecting, adjusting, and managing the Company's annual budget.

- Have experience in building and coordinating the company's strategic plan (Strategic planning) for at least 1 cycle.

- Understanding of accounting and financial systems (Corporate Finance) according to VAS, IFRS and corporate law.

- Understanding of corporate governance system (Corporate Gorvenance).

- Understand the structure of business activities, business culture, have effective working and management methods to achieve success when changing the environment.

- Skills in quickly assessing the market and adjusting financial policies to update financial management methods and excellent internal control management policies.

- Experience in leading and developing internal and external relationships with shareholders and credit organizations.

- Excellent problem solving skills.

- Proactively develop dynamic and high-achieving teams.

- Priority is given to having CFA, ACCA CMA, CIMA or equivalent qualifications from the International Association of Certified Public Accountants.

2. Skills:

- Proficient in Microsoft Office, have experience using business software and financial reporting components.

- Proficient in using ERP (SAP/ORACLE), BI and other management application systems.

- Work independently under high pressure.

- Negotiation skills.

- Ability to influence senior management and board of directors.

- Volunteer spirit and work in solidarity for the group's common results

- Careful, responsible and results-oriented

3. Personality/qualities:

- Transparency and integrity

- Require information security

- Spirit of improvement



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