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Banking, Finance

Job Description

I. Work goals

Manage branch cluster operations effectively as assigned by the Regional Director and coordinate closely with Deputy Directors/Transaction Office Managers/Savings Fund/Department Managers of the Branch to achieve business goals (KPIs) assigned.

II. Main responsibility

1. Prepare a business plan/budget for the branch cluster in accordance with the region's orientation from time to time; Advise the Regional Director on business potential in the region.

2. Manage and operate all daily activities of the branch/branch cluster:

- Coordinate with Regional Directors and Sales Division to ensure effective sales activities and quality customer service. Organize & expand current personal & corporate customer service activities; Develop and implement customer attraction strategies.

- Organize, deploy and manage general operations at the branch cluster.

- Coordinate activities of affiliated units.

- Approve credit within jurisdiction.

3. Branch cluster Human Resource Management:

- Direct human resource management: Assign targets to employees according to regulations; Evaluate job completion; Propose and participate in the process of recruitment, appointment, rotation, rewards, benefits, benefits, training...

- Non-direct personnel management: Approve and support related issues according to authority.

4. Perform tasks as required.

Job Requirement

1. Knowledge & work experience:

- Professional qualifications: Graduated from university or higher with appropriate majors such as economics, finance, banking, business administration or equivalent professional expertise.

- Computer skills: proficient in office computers.

- Foreign language level (English): Level C or equivalent.

- Experience: Have at least 05 years of working experience in the related field, including at least 03 years as a manager in a similar position

2. Skills:

- System and process management skills.

- Plan, organize implementation and coordinate actions.

- Skills in evaluating job performance.

- Negotiation and persuasion skills.

- Decision-making skills.

- Recruitment and training skills.

- Change management.

3. Qualities & work preferences

- High compliance.

- Patience.

- Integrity, trustworthy.

- Confident and creative.

- Work pressure.

- Effort towards results.

- Like working in a Banking environment



Location: Cần Thơ


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