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Chemical/Biochemical, FMCG/Retail

Job Description

I. Manage the Administration - Human Resources Department 

Assign tasks, manage, supervise and evaluate the work performance of each Employee of the  HR Department. 

Control and supervise the activities of the Department of Human Resources. Develop regulations and manage budget for the activities of the Human Resources Department  (regarding the use of assets, equipment, ...). 

II. Talent Acquisition 

Manage and train the recruitment team and directly participate in recruiting senior and expert  positions 

Deploy human resource strategy, require specialized departments to form recruitment criteria,  and design effective job posting JD. 

Analyze the labor market, salary fluctuations, consulting needs for directors and department  heads, flexibly adjust the organizational chart and personnel requirements to suit company and  market strategies 

Manage recruitment branding activities, monthly communication plans, recruitment plans and  budgets 

III. Managing and developing talent and corporate culture 

Maintain and develop a comprehensive personnel evaluation system every 6 months. Together with the Director and department heads, build an OKR-KPI strategic goal system for  the company, departments and employees 

Develop, deploy, and supervise the implementation of Collective Activities, unite the staff to  form corporate culture. 

Ensure all employee benefits are fully implemented and aligned with the Company's policy and  Labor Law.

Supervise the implementation and labor regulations execution, labor policies...; remind and  guide employees to abide by the owner's rights. 

Acknowledge, summarize and propose to the Managers and the Board of Directors to decide  on reward, discipline, promotion, dismissal, salary increase, job rotation, dismissal... according  to the request of the Departments or in accordance with the Company's regulations. 

IV. Implement Human Resources  

Review and complete the legal document system, management system, and human resources  coordination of the 2 companies 

Coordinate with specialized department heads to prepare documents and apply for chemical  business licenses and other related licenses and documents 

Participate in managing digital transformation projects, ERP... depending on ability Review and update Rules, agreements, processes, regulations and legal documents according  to newly issued Laws 

Reorganize the data system, human resources documents, build Masterdata, human resources  report for ERP projects, digital transformation. Participate in design, construction and  acceptance of the system or directly manage the project, depending on ability. 

V. External Relations- Labour Laws 

Represent the Company to work with Agencies, Departments, Local Governments and related  Partners. 

Plan and organize, supervise the implementation of safety and order, occupational safety and  health, as well as fire prevention. 

Update, disseminate and provide necessary legal documents in line with the company's business lines.

Job Requirement

I. Educational Background: 

Bachelor’s Degree, Human Resources major is preferred. 

Participate in some short-term Human Resources Management courses/ educational programs.

II. Experiences: 

At least 3-years’ experience in the position of Deputy Manager/ Manager, HRBP. Experience in enterprise management of at least 50 back-office positions, business and service workers; commercial and service activities. 

Experience in operating a modern human resource system, applying modern management tools  such as KPI, 3P, capacity assessment, talent development and inheritance...  

Strong experience in recruitment is preferred.  

Prior experience in both Vietnamese and foreign enterprises. 

III. Skills/Professional Knowledge: 

Intermediate English or higher (B or equivalent), good reading comprehension of English documents 

Knowledge of human resource management and multicultural environment. 

Good labor relations and communication skills.  

Good application of methods and tools to evaluate employee's work performance, method of  salary payment, etc. 

Skills in training and developing talents. 

Experience in building a company's culture. 

IV. Characteristics/ Qualities: 

Human Resources characteristics (inspirational, empathy, sympathy). 

Flexible, Energetic, Open-minded. 

Good critical Thinking. 

Optimistic, Positive working attitude. 

Be able to work under pressure and have a sense of responsibility.




Địa chỉ:
Trụ sở chính: Tầng 10, Toà nhà Vincom

72 Lê Thánh Tôn, Phường Bến Nghé, Quận 1, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam
Văn phòng: 20 Nguyễn Trường Tộ Phường 12, Quận 4, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam

Di động (Ms Anna): +84 877 699 759



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