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Factory Director


Health/Medical Care

Job Description


  • Liaise with the Sales & Marketing Department together with Engineering, QA&QC, Laboratory, Production and Purchasing to evaluate on customer's orders. 
  • Approve the Master Customers List compiled based on the qualifications of (a) the lines available capacity and capability, (b) availability of processing materials including former types and availability of packaging materials and (c) projected output against scheduled delivery. 
  • Establish, evaluate with S & M and approve the Production Schedule. 
  • Ensure full compliance on GMP and update the protocols.


  • Set key objectives, example packing output/packer/hr, 100% in meeting Shipment dates     
  • Establish Packing Incentives


  • Limit to unpacked & packed products and packaging materials 
  • Establish Warehouse Control System for all incoming goods (both internally & externally) and outgoing in an efficient and cost effective way.
  • System shall include designated physical storage (location map), ease of identification and retrieval, accurate traceability.
  • Goods Inventory to be shared with S & M, Planner & Packing
  • Certify all delivery documents

Former QC

  • Approve formers inventory. 
  • Develop new former type for as part of new product development
  • Set key objectives for Former sub department, example percentage loading per line, performance.
  • Approval to all purchases


  • Ensure QA-QC integrity is not compromised
  • Resolve any quality issue
  • Approve all WI, SOP and Revisions
  • Approve GMP
  • Approve product testing for Standards required by customer
  • Review all daily reports & comment (if any)


  • To establish Regulatory Compliant OSHA for the Company
  • Act to represent the Company to ensure work place safety which is free of serious hazardous exposure including noise level
  • Organize a proficient response team for evacuation and recovery
  • To impart knowledge and training to ensure all employees understand OSHA Standards and behavior under the Act
  • Ensure no violations of the Act


  • Coverage shall be (a) M & E, (b) Facility, (c) Mechanical, (d) Electrical, (e) Workshop, (f) WWTP, (g) Engineering Store, (h) House keeping, (i) Projects
  • Establish monitoring program for evaluation leading to improvement
  • Perform cost benefit analysis and implementation
  • Set key objectives
  • Approval for internal projects that is beneficial to the Company
  • Approval for all purchases and disposal
  • Cost saving program

R & D

  • Develop pilot trial on new products be it from customer or for company internal development
  • Improvement on mechanical or chemically in terms of achieving better Cost savings without compromising output and quality.


  • Approve chemicals & latex inventory
  • Establish Master List for Vendors
  • To review & approve additional new chemicals & vendors
  • Projection of Quarterly chemical consumption
  • Review daily, weekly and monthly report with attention on costings. Ensure it is within projected costs.

Wet Laboratory

Approval for 

  • Compounding formulation (with CEO agreement), 
  • Manufacturing process (with Production Manager)
  • Process parameters (including Boiler Dept.)         
  • Trial simulation for new product

Dry Laboratory

  • To be well versed on current and future Standards, Regulatory & Customer’s compliance on product physical properties.
  • To provide Advice as such.


  • Implement GMP       
  • Plan and direct the Department's activities to achieve agreed targets and standards for financial performance, quality, culture and legislative adherence.
  • Develop operational budgets
  • Monitor measure and report on operational issues, opportunities and development plans and achievements within agreed formats, timescales and budgets.
  • Motivate section heads and play a big role in continuing the transformation of the Company’s culture and communicating the corporate vision and goals to all levels. 
  • Develop Key Performance Indicator (KPI) with clear measurable objectives over time.

Job Requirement

  • Education: Chemical engineer.
  • Over 10 years as Factory Director for companies producing medical gloves, natural rubber and synthetic rubber products.
  • Having extensive knowledge of technical machinery, automatic production lines in the medical glove industry
  • Ability to analyze, evaluate, plan, develop and implement production plans
  • Skills to synthesize information, develop new products
  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills
  • Analytical ability and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent public speaking and presentation skills
  • Fluent in English for 4 skills


  • Social health insurance: Applicable under Vietnamese labor law
  • Comprehensive health care insurance
  • Periodic health examination for senior management
  • Arrangement of high-class housing, ensuring safety in terms of security
  • Arrange car and private driver to serve their own travel needs
  • Annual travel: The company will arrange annual tours to beautiful landscapes in Vietnam
  • Returning home to visit family: Every 06 months, the company will arrange you to return home to visit family once, time 3 weeks. All related costs such as air tickets, immigration and isolation procedures (if any) will be covered by the company in full 
  • Relatives to visit: The company will arrange accommodation for your relatives when they come to Vietnam (Parents, Wife, Children) 
  • Bonus: 13 monthly salary + Bonus according to the company's revenue each year (KPIs)
  • Salary review: 1 year /time


Location: Ba Ria Vung Tau Province and overseas company trip


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Hotline: 0906 900 719


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